Inside LGW

“What drives me is trying to make life better for more people” -Dr. Martine Rothblatt 
Over the years, LGW has provided leadership opportunities not only for some of the region’s top leaders but also for high school students who are emerging leaders. This month, we are highlighting the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Marcia Brown and her daughter Lauren Brown, recent graduates of the LGW Signature Program and Youth Leadership Greater Washington.
This fall, LGW partnered with Aspire After School Learning for our November Community Service Day, sponsored by IBM. Under the leadership of Executive Director Courtney Reeve ('13) Aspire! Afterschool Learning's after-school program supports upper-elementary students' general academic achievement and social-emotional development, placing a heavy emphasis on helping students to develop both their reading skills and a love of reading.
In November, LGW’s Signature Program Class of 2018 assembled for Education Day.
Dana Brewington Stebbins, MSW, Esq., (’88) is an attorney with an advanced degree in human behavior and more than 25 years of experience in the fields of law and social policy.
Second Annual Future of Greater Washington Creates a Launchpad for Cross-Sector Collaboration
In October, LGW's Signature Program Class of 2018 met for their first program day, focused on achieving regionalism across the state, county, and local lines in Greater Washington.
Andy Ockershausen is one of the Founders of Leadership Greater Washington. Currently the VP of Development at Best Bark Communications, Mr. Ockershausen has managed several of the top stations in Washington, DC, including WMAL Radio, WMAL TV, WJLA and Channel 50, and spent more than two decades at NBCUniversal/Comcast Sports Net.
One of the many benefits of Youth Leadership Greater Washington is the opportunity for students to be eligible for awards that will further advance their leadership goals beyond high school.
This September, LGW partnered with Urban Alliance for Community Service Day sponsored by IBM. Under the leadership of Executive Director, Nathaniel Cole ('16), Urban Alliance partners with businesses to empower under-resourced youth to aspire, work and succeed through paid internships, formal training, and mentorship.