REWIRING: Creating a Meaningful Roadmap for Retirement





On average, 10,000 people retire from the workforce each day, yet no two retirements are the same.  Boomers are radically transforming retirement from the “rocking chair on the porch” stereotypes of previous generations. This life stage requires considering deeper questions such as:

  • Who are you now?
  • What will give you purpose and meaning when your title no longer defines you?
  • What is left undone in your life?

In her conversation with LGW President & CEO, Doug Duncan, Certified Leadership Transition Coach Amy Harbison (’10) will share the 15 factors that make a successful retirement (Hint: It’s not all financial planning.) Whether you're ready to move on to the next stage of your career, or just exploring the options for when that time comes, learn how to reframe and rename this important developmental stage to see that your best days can be ahead and not behind you.

Amy K. Harbison, CPCC is the Principal at Open Window Creative Strategies, LLC/Open Window Coaching ( She works with clients in three key professional transitions: new leaders, mid-career reinventors, and executives who average 1-5 years away from retirement.