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Our impact is increased when we act together

LGW Efforts - Pandemic Relief and Rebuilding


Our impact is increased when we act together. LGW leaders hail from all parts of the DC region. We reflect a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives that make us a dynamic and collaborative community. As we each determine the best course towards rebuilding beyond the global pandemic, we are turning to each other for resources, cross-pollination of expertise, and support.

Since 1986, LGW has united leaders to make positive-impact happen in our community. The need for unified leadership has never been more urgent and apparent.

As an organization, LGW has pivoted to providing virtual programs and resources that reinforce our purpose to provide leaders with space and structure to learn from each other. While we continue to offer valuable opportunities for connection, sharing, and action, we also want to highlight and feature the authentic stories of our leaders during this time of change. By sharing these perspectives and connecting leaders in unique ways, we maintain a consistent focus on our mission— bringing leaders together to make a positive community impact in our region.

LGW leaders from all sectors are "Leading in the Moment," providing essential community relief and launching initiatives with a focus toward rebuilding post-pandemic. Share your story of leading through the pandemic. 

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We are a supportive community of leaders united, co-creating solutions

Current Initiatives, Resources, and Programs

Frontline Conversations - Our interactive dialogues with prominent local leaders are focused on impact, relief, and post-pandemic rebuilding. They provide LGW leaders and the community with key insights and opportunities to take action. 

Leading in the Moment - Providing the latest updates on the impactful efforts of LGW leaders who are fighting the devastation of COVID-19 in the DC region, creating solutions, and giving support for those most vulnerable to the consequences of the crisis.

Leadership Today Series - This webinar series focuses on problem-solving, strategy, wellness, management, and leadership through these challenging times. The series is open to all and offers resources for skills-building in the current context.  

Lunch at your Laptop - Our virtual, small-group lunch gatherings connect LGW members to discuss how we can best take care of ourselves and others during this time of change. We share issues of the day, build community, and engage in discussion on a wide variety of topics of regional importance or personal significance. 

Member Dinners - Our monthly member-hosted virtual convenings provide unique opportunities to connect, check-in, and share recipes for leadership with fellow LGW members. Our dinners are a time-honored tradition and since going virtual they have increased in frequency to provide more opportunities for community-building, reflection, and social connection. 

Programs with a Purpose – Our book-talk series provides direct insights from authors on making our economy and society work for all. Presented in partnership with A Wider Circle and Hooks Book Events.

Leadership Programs (Signature, Rising Leaders, YLGW) – To mobilize local leaders of all levels, our core programs help participants make a greater positive community impact. We provide a structured space for meaningful relationships and purposeful collaboration. Leaders deepen perspectives through unique experiences, education, connection, and knowledge sharing. 

The Connector – The Connector provides active LGW members with a mobile-friendly online hub where you can discover and post opportunities, find members who share your interests, and access a dynamic online member directory, bringing you closer to your valued community of great minds. Log in here. 

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Helping leaders rebuild our region post-pandemic

Moments from past Frontline Conversations

Frontline Conversations: featuring Kathy Hollinger ('04), President and CEO, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington

Frontline Conversations: featuring Radha Muthia, President and CEO, Capital Area Food Bank

Frontline Conversations: featuring Tonia Wellons ('20) President and CEO, Greater Washington Community Foundation

Frontline Conversations: featuring Angela Alsobrooks ('12), County Executive, Prince George's County