Inside LGW

Thursday, January 29th, Leadership Greater Washington brought regional law enforcement officials and community leaders together to discuss the relationships between local communities and their law enforcement.
Leadership Greater Washington’s membership continues to grow in power and influence around the region. We would like to recognize and congratulate our members as they publically serve the Greater Washington region.
On Friday, June 13th the LGW network expanded with the induction of our 28th Class -- the Class of 2014. Join us in welcoming the Class of 2014: The Best You’ve Ever Seen.
LGW members have often described their Class and our larger network as a second family -- and for some members, LGW is so deeply rooted in the family tree that LGW is both their first and second family.
LGW is a frontrunner among community leadership programs and we are never content to rest on our laurels.
On Friday, June 14th the LGW network expanded with the induction of our 27th Class -- the Class of 2013. Join us in welcoming the Class of 2013: Living the Dream 2013.
As I begin my term as Chair, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you, the membership, for the honor and privilege to lead this amazing organization for the next two years.
It’s a tough question and a 29-year-old debate with just as many different answers. For LGW members, the answer is obvious: their Class is the best Class. And for LGW staff, the most diplomatic answer is to not answer at all with a knowing smile.